Eeron Keittiö

Eeron Keittiö is a very comfortarble place for Sunday lunch in Helsinki. The dishes I had were very tasty and good food qualities.

Variety bread basket

Look at this fantastic variety bread basket! My favorite is the flatbread with cumin seed.

Burbot soup

This starter, small burbot soup was so great! It just melted in my mouth. Not too heavy, buttery and creamy. I’ve never had this burbot fish before but, it was very flavorful. Actually I had one more starter, blini and roe but, no pictures. I was so hungry at that moment. It was like russian pancake with sourcream, diced onion and vendace roe.

Roasted deer with creamy mushroom sauce

The main dish was roasted deer with creamy mushroom sauce and tomatoes, eggplant and some steamed vegetables. This dish was highly recommoned by my waitress. She was right! It was fabulous! I shared this dish with my fiancé so, it’s actually half of the full dish.

One more thing! Before you visit here, you should better check the business hours because everyday is different and even from Mon to Wed will be closed.


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