Roasted Red Bell Peppers

Beautiful Red Bell Pepper in Winter

I was lucky enough to get these red bell peppers on sale at grocery store yesterday. So I got plenty of them and decided to make roasted red bell peppers. It just made my day!


  • Red bell peppers
  • Cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil

Red Bell Peppers


  1. Wash red bell peppers and cut them as you desire. but remember to remove  the seeds and membranes inside.
  2. Preheat your oven 230°C (475°F) to broil and preheat a few minutes.

    Rosted cutted Red Bell Peppers

  3. Place the peppers on the cookie sheet and make sure all skins side up! and ready to go! No any oil, salt!
  4. Place the sheet on the highest rack in your oven and roast peppers, about 30 minutes until they turn blacken skins.

    Roasted Bell Pepper in Foil Wrap

  5. Once they are done, let them briefly cool for about 1 minute.


  6. Wrap up the foil and seal it so then it can keep the steam for a while at least 20 minutes.

    Time to try it!

  7. If they are enough cool down so then you can handle them, it is time to peel off all burned skins with only your fingers.
  8. Please do not rinse the peppers for keeping a smoky and sweet flavor. After you keep them in refreiger a few day, you will see the natural oil from roasted peppers.

    Roasted Red Bell Peppers with Poached Egg

Here is the roasted red bell pepper and poached egg.

Buon appetito!


11 thoughts on “Roasted Red Bell Peppers

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  2. These roasted red peppers look so delicious – their tastiness is enhanced by your awesome photos 😀
    And thank you for subscribing – I hope I live up to your sweet expectations 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

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