Speck with Arugula

Speck with arugula

My favorite light is absolutely natural sunlight but, unfortunately I am living a house does not get a lot of sunshine. So this was my lunch the other day. I opened a big window then my left hand was holding this lunch plate outside and the other right hand was trying to get beautiful shot of Speck with arugula.


6 thoughts on “Speck with Arugula

    • It was fun but also, embarrassing because some people were looking at me at that momnet and I had a feeding that they were thinking about me ‘she is CRAZY”;-) haha Thank you for liking my story!

  1. 우아…멋있어요!!
    예전에그 장미꽃처럼 만든 고기랑 비슷한고기같기도하구요 ㅎㅎ
    근데 여기 홈페이지 왜이렇게 어려워요?

    • 예전에 무슨 꽃? 홈페이지가 쫌.. 어렵지? 나도 관리하는데 엄청 헤맸어 ^^ 이제야 알것같아 쫌! 근데..뭐가 어려워? 너한텐? 나한테도 힌트를 줘야지!!

      • 그 왜 싸이사진중에 장미꽃처럼 고기를 돌돌돌말아서
        약간 응고된듯한 치즈에다가 먹는거라고 했던거같은데말이죠…
        기억이 가물가물..

      • 아.. 그랬지? 그거랑 비슷해..그건 프로슈또 라고.. 삼겹살부위를 소금과 함께 건조해놓은 것을 얇게 썰어놓은거고, 이건 스펙 이라고 불리는데..부위는 같고, 훈제야.. ^^

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