Whole Wheat and Cocoa Biscotti

I was intrigued by one comment on my biscotti recipe. What about using whole grain flour instead of all-purpose flour? Well, since I am not a professional chef, the only way I can do is to experiment… and the experiment was successful indeed! So here you are the whole wheat biscotti with pecans.

Whole wheat biscotti with pecans

I followed exactly the same steps of my biscotti recipe, but I halved the quantities. After I had mixed all ingredients, the dough was still too sticky. So I added whole wheat flour one tablespoon at the time until the dough was smooth enough. At the end, I added 5 tablespoons more flour! So, for the quantities in the original recipe, about 75 g (10 tablespoons) more whole wheat flour are needed. It was so much fun! So please share your experience after you try my recipes. I am willing to do other experiments for you!

Cocoa biscotti with pistachios

I also baked the cocoa biscotti with pistachios I highly recommended in the original recipe!

Spring is just right there!

Here are some tulips… I thought spring would not come to Finland. However, it is just around the corner!

Happy spring everyone!


33 thoughts on “Whole Wheat and Cocoa Biscotti

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  2. Ciao!!
    Your biscotti look really delicious!! They look really similar to our famous “Cantuccini”, or how we call the “Biscotti di Prato”, my city!

  3. Your biscotti look fantastic (I love especially the chocolate ones, I’m a huge fan of chocolate 😉 )
    I’m always happy to learn a new wholemeal flour recipe, so thank you for sharing!

  4. 우아…쩝쩝…진짜만나겠어요 ㅎㅎ
    여기 아침마다 들어오게 되는거같아요 ㅎㅎㅎ
    너무 자주온다고 귀찮아마세요!!

  5. The photo of the tulips are beautiful! And the recipe sounds great.

    Glad I found you on another blog I subscribe to. Look forward to reading more from yours, since we are also lovers of all things Italian!


  6. I consistently blown away by the caliber of not only your recipes, but your blog as well. You have done such a beautiful job with the layout!

    This biscotti looks as delicious as the last! Question: (and feel free to tell me that is just too much work.) Are you able to supply nutrition facts with any of your recipes? While I am fond of splurging on the weekend, I am ALWAYS on the hunt for nutritious treats to tide me over until Friday rolls around. 🙂


    • You are very welcome! It’s my pleasure indeed. I googled what the gigli flower is.. now I know how it looks like.. I can imagine how beautiful the perple gigli flowers are in your garden! You gave me so many info related Italy and Italian leather products as well! Thank you so much!

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