In Finland midsummer is celebrated every year on the first Saturday after June 19th – June 23rd this year – and marks the beginning of summer vacations for Finns. During this holiday time, which can last a full month or even more, also many restaurants are closed. So if you plan to visit Helsinki during this time of the year, remember that you will have less choice for eating out. One of them is the KuuKuu restaurant in Töölö.

I’ve been to KuuKuu several times before, and I’ve never been disappointed so far. KuuKuu offers traditional Finnish dishes such as salmon soup and also several dishes with seasonal vegetables and local products. My favorite dishes are grilled veal liver and the fish of the day, but this time I wanted to try something new!

KuuKuu’s terrace

Summer is the best time to enjoy the terrace. I did not do, but I hope to sit there some other time.

KuuKuu’s bar

The interiors of the restaurant are very nice. The architecture design is very elegant and simple at the same time: not many items on the walls and balanced color tone ranging from black to light brown and white. The furniture itself is gorgeous! There is my favorite chair as well 🙂

Domus stacking chair

The Domus stacking chair was designed by Ilmari Tapiovaara in 1946. He was one of greatest architects as well as interior and furniture designer. When I visited KuuKuu for first time, I was impressed by this chair because it was very comfortable and fitted me very well. However, I did not know that it is a very expensive chair and designed by one the most famous Finnish designers until I saw it in the design museum in Helsinki one month ago 😀

The menu and the table setting

Some cute characters introduce the menu, and welcome the customer to a simple table setting.

Roasted onion tart

I started with a roasted onion tart with apple pickle. The caramelized onions on top of the tart had a wonderful flavor. It was truly delicious, and matched very well the sweet and sour apple pickle. I love caramelized onions because, despite being a simple ingredient, they bring beautiful color, natural flavor, and perfect sweetness. I enjoyed them so much!


Next main course was Russian dumplings, Pelmenis with harissa sour cream, red onion compote and pickles. It is very similar with Italian ravioli or Korean mandu.

Marinated hare fillet

My table-companion got marinated hare fillet with mushroom and potato ragout, and game sauce. The meat was very tender and juicy, and fresh mushrooms were a very good match.

Chef’s trio of desserts

I ended my meal with the chef’s trio of desserts: summer berries pudding, homemade chocolate ice cream, and cheese cake. I had a glass of dessert wine, but I forgot to take a picture 😉

I am so glad that KuuKuu is open despite holidays, so that I always have a place where to go eat good food! Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “KuuKuu

    • Yes, they are! Have you ever tried reindeer? I know it might be very strange, but it’s very good and you can fine reindeer dishes on menu so easily at Finnish restaurants. If you have a chance, please try it!

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