Rejböle Gård

In late October, a friend of mine invited me to Karjaa in Southern Finland. It takes about an hour by train to reach there from the Leppävaara railway station. After I arrived, my friend – the one who brought me Surprise Herbs and Baby Greens last summer – picked me up and together we visited a small Finnish farm that is one of the places worth visiting west of Helsinki.

Rejböle Gård is run by Mikaela Berghäll and is not “just” a farm. It offers several interesting activities such as picking berries or mushrooms, private cooking classes, and even accommodation for two families. So if you have a chance to visit Southern Finland, do not miss it!

Mikaela Berghäll, the owner of Rejböle Gård

The owner Mikaela is usually busy with customers, but this time me and my friend were lucky enough to have a guided tour of the farm. 🙂 In our conversation, I could feel how much Mikaela is passionate about her work in the farm.

Rejböle Gård is located between Karis and Ingå. The landscape is made spectacular by a lake called Marsjön and by plenty of tall birch trees. Peaceful livestock grazes in the pasture: Highland Cattle, chickens and sheep. Mikaela’s family produces sausages, fresh and cured meat. They also sell several organic local products such as oats, vegetables, and berries. She also operates a linen shop within the farm. There are many products made from yarn, linen, wool, and sheepskin. All products look very beautiful and the price is reasonable.

Linen shop and meat products

When I almost finished looking around the shop, Mikaela presented a plate and asked me to try some of her meat products. There were smoked lamb, lamb sausage, and smoked Highland cattle (from left to right in the picture above). They were very delicious and the most tasty meat products I’ve ever had before. The lamb sausage didn’t even have the unique lamb smell, and I enjoyed very much the smoky flavor and freshness of the two other meats. So I decided to buy some of the smoked Highland cattle.

Views of Rejbole Gard

All Highland cattle in the pictures are female – they are grazed separately from males. They are so friendly! I even tried petting their heads, even though I was a bit scared. But they didn’t bite me 😀

Pyöröpaisti in Finnish

The smoked Highland cattle meat is called Pyöröpaisti in Finnish. It’s the round part of Highland cattle. From the picture, you can even see a shiny rainbow appearance on the surface. That is an optical phenomenon generated by the interaction of light with muscle proteins. The meat condition was indeed very good. Pyöröpaisti is a perfect choice for a sandwich or a salad, and also a very good snack if accompanied to cheese.

Rejböle Gård sells all products on seasonal basis. The main season is Fall, but sometimes products are also available for Easter. The website does not provide detailed price information for meat, so I’m reporting here some:27 €/kg for the smoked (cured) Highland cattle; 12 €/kg for the (low-fat) Highland cattle minced meat; 15 €/kg for a Highland cattle assortment box consisting of 8 kg of minced meat, 3 kg of steak slices, and about 4 kg of assorted steak cuts.


4 thoughts on “Rejböle Gård

    • I’m so glad you have been there, Rejböle. It was a great experience of Finland farm indeed. I will check them out right now even though I can’t read Finnish. I have a Google friend 😉

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