Three of My Favorite Soups

When temperature drops and daylight gets shorter in winter, what would you like to have for dinner? The first thing that comes to my mind is a warm homemade soup, absolutely. Here are three of my favorite soups I hope they will help you to beat cold weather!

3favoritesoups 1

Chickpeas soup

I always use dried chickpeas instead of canned ones because they have much more flavor, better texture and higher nutritional value. Chickpeas need to be soaked in advance for about 8 hours or overnight. I recommend you to put dried chickpeas in a large bowl with  plenty of cold water – they will double in volume – and a pinch of baking soda. After soaking, drain the chickpeas, wash them, and boil them for two hours. My usual way of preparing chickpeas soup is to add a sachet of a few garlic cloves, fresh rosemary, a small piece of carrot, celery, and a bay leaf (sometimes also chili). After cooking, the sachet is removed from the pot. The soup can then be served with drizzled extra virgin olive oil and croutons.

3favoritesoups 2

Broccoli potato soup

I also love broccoli potato soup with toasted pine nuts. I sauté chopped onion and potatoes and add chopped broccoli and water. Once they are soft enough, I blend them up into a soup. My favorite decoration is hearts made with a spoonful of heavy cream. I place the heavy cream on the surface of soup as small dots in a circular shape, and then drag a toothpick through them by drawing a big circle. This soup can be served with grated fresh parmesan and toasted pine nuts.

3favoritesoups 3

Finnish salmon soup

Salmon soup with dill is the most famous Finnish soup. It is very important  to use real fish stock instead of the cubed one. Luckily it is easy to buy fresh salmon bones, head, and skin in Finnish markets and grocery stores. The original recipe requires butter and cream; however, I usually replace them with extra virgin olive oil and milk to make it a bit lighter. If you have a plan to visit to Finland, you don’t want to miss it!

Stay warm with these warm homemade soups!


16 thoughts on “Three of My Favorite Soups

  1. I realize this is obvious, but your photos are simply beautiful! Thank you for the tip of using a pinch or so of baking soda when soaking chickpeas. I’ll be trying that!

    • Hi, Allison! How are you? I hope everything goes well with you. Thank you for stopping by and giving nice words. These days I could not spend enough time to look at all my favorite blogs as much as I want. :-D! I briefly went to yours and I noticed there are so many new posts I missed. Definitely I will check what you are doing in the kitchen. Have a good weekend!

  2. ㅎㅎ 너무 신기해요!

    오늘 아침에 칙피 삶아놓고 브로컬리감자 수프 만들었는데… 게다가 내일 연어수프 만들려고 연어 사서 냉장고에 넣어 놓고…

    지금 여기 들어와 보니 벨라님이 이미 이렇게 세가지를 포스팅 하셨네요^^. 칙피는 생강님(네이버에) 당근칙피볶음 하려고 불렸는데, 벨라님처럼 수프도 만들어 봐야겠어요.

    브로컬리감자수프 만들 때 브로컬리는 살짝만 익혀야 하나봐요? 브로컬리 넣고 나서 푹푹 삶았더니 냄새가~~ 색깔도 우중충한 녹색으로 변해버리고… 남편 점심 싸줄라고 했는데, 나 혼자 해치워야 할 것 같아요. ㅎㅎ

    오울루는 어제 영하 12도에서 오늘 영상 1도로 변해서 따뜻했어요. 어서 빨리 봄이 왔으면~~ ^.^

    • 정말요? 찌찌꽁!!! ^____^;;

      말씀하신데로 브로컬리는 너무 오래 삶으면 색깔이 변하기 때문에 나중에 블랜더로 갈면 예쁜 색이 나오지 않죠~ 먼저 양파볶고 감자를 넣어주시구요, 둘다 거의 익었을때 물과 함께 작게 잘라놓은 브로컬리를 넣어주세요. 물은 너무 많지 않게, 찰랑찰랑 잠길정도로. 그런다음 브로컬리가 블랜더로 곱게 갈아질 만큼 부드럽게 익으면, 불을 끄고 갈아주면 됩니다! 크리미한 걸 좋아하시면 생크림을 넣어주셔도 되구요~ 씹는 맛을 좋아하시면 저처럼 곱게 갈지 않으셔도 되구요~ 입맛대로 해드시면되죠~

      저도 빨리 봄이 왔으면 좋겠어요~ 감기조심하세요 🙂

  3. Gorgeous! This has inspired me to dig out a few of my old favourite soup recipes from a time before I lived in rural Korea and couldn’t get my favourite ingredients!!! Its great having access to everything my heart desires again 🙂

    • ha 😀 good to hear that! I totally understand what you said. It is TOO sad there is no way to get favorite ingredients around 😦
      However, on the other hand there are more chances to discover new ingredients.

      A bit late but happy new year (새해 복 많이 받으세요)!

  4. Yum! I just ‘Evernoted’ your article…I think it’s official, I’m having soup for dinner tonight:) I will def try the chickpea recipe at some point, – it looks like a very simple recipe and easy to prepare!

    • What kind of soup did you make yesterday? I think soup is really a good dish especially winter time. As you said, it’s so simple, but the result is amazing! Enjoy your cooking!

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