Putte the Cat

A couple of month ago I talked about the artistic milk carton designed by Klaus Haapaniemi. Well, apparently the milk package design changed right after I posted it. Oh my! I threw away all cartons after taking the pictures, so there was no way to see Putte the Cat anymore. Well, there was actually a way… and now Putte is in my hands 😀

Unboxing the cat print

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Last 7 Days of Cooking #2

Welcome to the second episode of the Last 7 Days of Cooking series! The main idea is very simple: what happened in my kitchen in the last week. If you are curious about the “philosophy” behind it, you can read the first post of the series. But let’s go to the meals!

Egg drop soup with chicken stock and vegetables

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Korean Potato Pancake (감자전)

One of the main root crops in Finland is potato. Most grocery shops sell them at a low price during all seasons. Potatoes are not only cheap, but also have very good nutritional values. So I’m happy because I’m a big eater of potato.

I grew up in Ganwon-do province in South Korea. This province has a natural environment surrounded by spectacular landscapes, and potato is a very typical crop, as in Finland. It should not surprise how many different recipes exist for potatoes. Among them, the Korean potato pancake is one of my favorites. When I was a little girl, I used to spend the whole summer and winter vacations at my grandmother’s house in GangNeung, so she usually took care of my afternoon snack! When the weather got chilly, she asked me if I wanted to have Korean potato pancakes or Gamja jeon (감자전). My answer was always yes! According to her, this food is especially good when the weather is cold, because the pancake is warm and chewy! As you know, nothing can beat grandmother’s food! 😉

Her potato pancake is super easy. She used only potatoes and oil. Can you believe that a pancake does not need flour and eggs? But, it’s true! I would like to share my grandmother’s potato pancake! Actually the recipe below is my own, so you will need some more ingredients (even though not so many). By the way, I also need to mention the Korean potato grater! I have some pictures of it! I hope you will enjoy them.

The main ingredient: potato

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Last 7 Days of Cooking #1

Wait for a moment! If you are looking for recipes for the pictures below, I’m sorry but they are not there (at least yet). This new project – Last 7 days of cooking – will only show you pictures of food I cooked in the last week. I know it might be unfair to share only the results without the recipes but, frankly speaking, I do not have them ready! But I’m working on it 🙂

Let me make it clear why I started this. I tend to buy certain ingredients every time I go grocery shopping – for instance, zucchini, carrots, potatoes, celery, eggs and so on – so I instinctively cook similar dishes very often. I thought that posting my meals here could help me cook the same ingredients in different ways and make a better meal plan. That’s because people are looking at my meals 😉 Does it make sense? Anyway, I hope that this new project will foster ideas for healthy and varied food. Let’s see what happened in the last 7 days!

Lentil stew with bay leaves

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Surprise Herbs and Baby Greens

Last Wednesday I got a surprise bag from one of my friends 😉 It was totally unexpected! Let me show you what I got from her garden!

Surprise herbs and baby greens from the mystery bag!

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Basil & Apple Tree

I have to tell you something: I was a plant killer! Honestly I still do not know what I did wrong to my all poor plants in the past. I watered them regularly and even marked on my calendar when I was supposed to. In addition, I considered whether they got enough sunlight or not. So? What was wrong with me? Maybe you can tell me more about this. Anyway, you might have noticed that I said I was a plant killer. Not anymore! At least for now 😉 As you can see from the picture, now I have a healthy basil family and even a tiny apple tree! Follow their story on my diary below!

Basil family and an apple tree (May 31, 2012)

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Restaurant Day in Helsinki: May 19, 2012

Finally May 19 has arrived! I was waiting for it since a few weeks ago, when I discovered restaurant day. Basically, on restaurant day everyone can open their own restaurant or café anywhere. It could be a park, a backyard, an apartment or office, or even a window! Whoever participates can decide the menu and how to set up the restaurant. It’s not only an event about eating, but also about food culture. Restaurant day started in Helsinki one year ago, and took place four times since then. The last one was on Saturday, May 19, 2012. This time I only participated as a “customer”, but who knows, maybe one day I will have my own pop-up restaurant! 😉

Bizu de chocolat: home-made chocolate pralines on a bike

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