Putte the Cat

A couple of month ago I talked about the artistic milk carton designed by Klaus Haapaniemi. Well, apparently the milk package design changed right after I posted it. Oh my! I threw away all cartons after taking the pictures, so there was no way to see Putte the Cat anymore. Well, there was actually a way… and now Putte is in my hands 😀

Unboxing the cat print

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Artistic Milk Carton

I think this milk carton is the most artistic one that I have ever seen. When I discovered it in a grocery store, I had to buy it right away, even though I don’t  really like skim milk. It is so different from regular milk cartons! One of my Finnish friends told me that it was designed by Klaus Haapaniemi, who is well-known for his illustrations, advertising art and clothing fabric prints. Haapaniemi also designed mugs and dishware for Iittala. You can even buy a print of this beautiful cat, called Putte The Cat, on Haapaniemi’s website. All the profits will go to the Khanapur School for unprivileged children in India.

Valio milk carton designed by Klaus Haapaniemi