Surprise Herbs and Baby Greens

Last Wednesday I got a surprise bag from one of my friends 😉 It was totally unexpected! Let me show you what I got from her garden!

Surprise herbs and baby greens from the mystery bag!

Beet greens wrapped in a wet paper towel

The greens should be beet greens. I noticed that the stems were wrapped in a wet paper towel for keeping them fresh. Oh my goodness! I know how busy my friend is, especially in the morning before going to work. No words can describe my feeling!

Chive flowers

I’ve also found chives and chive flowers! I found an interesting recipe, how to make chive flower vinegar, which I’m adding to my cooking todo list for later. For this time I arranged the chive flowers as just “regular” flowers. They look great indeed!

Mystery herb…

Honestly, I do not know what exactly is one of the herbs… can anybody help? I thought it could be oregano but not really… it has a nice bitterness. I haven’t asked my friend yet.




This surprise bag made me feel so warm.  It was not only just greens but also love from my friend! Thank you so much!


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