Last 7 Days of Cooking #4

Welcome to the fourth episode of the Last 7 Days of Cooking series! This time there is no specific theme; the dishes, ranging from first courses to desserts, are mostly Italian with some Asian diversions.

Orecchiette with broccoli and Italian sausage

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Making homemade tagliatelle

I was going to make Lasagna dough the other night but, suddenly changed my mind to tagliatelle.The reason? I don’t know maybe that’s because the dough came out pretty good than I expected.

Tagliatelle nests

If you are familiar with tagliatelle, probably you know it is not cheap at all. The ingredients are nothing special though. It only needs some flour, eggs and a pinch of salt. quite simple! I made porcini mushrooms tagliatelle but, unfortunately I didn’t have Italian parsely at home for garnish so could not take some pictures. I do care too much about food style and presentaion.

4 tagliatelle nests

Promise next time!